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The 10 Of the Most Dangerous Cities to Travel To

The 10 Of the Most Dangerous Cities to Travel To

Cape Town, South Africa
south-africaDespite being a popular holiday destination and one of the most beautiful places to visit, Cape Town is also the most violent city on the continent. It is prone to gang fighting and robbery attacks. The crime rate here is alarming. While being a very multicultural city with a rather violent history, it does have its scary parts. Tourist areas are normally out of harm’s way, so make sure not to stray from them while visiting Cape Town. It’s essential to be familiar with all the potential risks and do whatever it’s needed to minimize those risks, and hopefully you’ll be able to have a good time in the country.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Even though Honduras is considered one of the cheapest countries to travel to, you’d better avoid long stays at San Pedro Sula. Notorious for being at the top of every world’s most dangerous cities, it is called the ‘murder capital of the world.’ Sand Pedro Sula has the highest murder rate per capita considering that the place is not even a war zone. Poverty and poor living conditions, gangs and violence, drug, arms and people trafficking, corruption: all these alarming issues should make you think twice whether to go here or not. So be prepared, alert, street-smart and aware of all the difficulties and dangers that may await you

Baghdad, Iraq
Travelers are not safe going to Baghdad at this point. Even though it’s one of the oldest cities in the world and has a bunch of tourist attractions, all these years of constant warfare have destroyed its infrastructure and economy. The level of violence remains high, and the risk of attack has not quite been eliminated. Attacks frequently take place in venues of public gathering such as cafes, markets or other public places. You have to be aware though, that gunfire, bombings, kidnappings, terrorist activity and other kinds of danger are still present in surrounding areas and the city itself.

Acapulco, Mexico
With the variety of Mexican famous spots to visit, Acapulco is one of the most violent places on our list that travelers can easily avoid. The city has been on every tourist’s bucket-list for years, it was a place filled with people, thronging to the pristine beaches and never-ending margaritas, but now you’ll find yourself in the underbelly of country’s most dangerous city. Shocking murder rate, robberies, muggings, kidnappings, drug dealing, and violence are still major issues in Acapulco. Even though officials say that tourism spots are mostly out of danger, no one wants to come across dismembered bodies instead of enjoying walks along the beach.

San Salvador, El Salvador
Violence and crime are major issues throughout the country; the current murder rate here is among the highest in the world. The largest city of El Salvador is notorious for gang problems. It seems as though violence has penetrated into the city. Powerful gangs rule here and civilians have to live in the crossfire of constant gang wars. Many refugees have left the country hoping to find a relief from constant fear, violence and poverty gripping the country. The Drug War hasn’t done this country any good as well. It is obvious now, that this is a location you’ll want to stray away from.

Kabul, Afghanistan
It seems as if a mixture of everything bad that could happen to the city was injected into the capital of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Hell broke loose here, not that you need many reasons not to travel to Kabul, and still: economic and political instability, poverty, terrorist bombings, kidnappings, homicides, violence and other petty crimes. Add that to the rise of ISIS, along with growing tensions in Iran, not to mention that the nation is still involved in the post 9/11 War, and here we go – Afghanistan is scratched-off the go-to list.

Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas is notorious for three things: being the capital of Venezuela, drugs and murders. Street attacks and gangs have taken over the whole city. Constant battles between drug dealers’ gangs make the streets of Caracas the ideal setting for shootings, robberies, rapes, and kidnappings. Venezuela got itself into a deeply-troubled economic time. And all government’s attempts to get the struggling nation to its feet again are dong more harm than good. As a result, the poverty level is so high that people have nothing left but committing crimes. So if you happen to be in South America, consider skipping Caracas.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Don’t be tricked by the Summer Olympics and World Cup set for Rio this year – the city is done for. Travelers might easily get in trouble as violence is still very much on display. But whilst homicide rate has decreased in recent years, robberies, muggings and street crimes have actually increased. And yet, colorful Rio stays the most popular tourist destination in the country. But the good news is- you’re more likely to get your gadgets or money taken, than you are at getting yourself killed. So try not to show off your valuables and keep your money close-by and out of reach.

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Given that Guatemala borders El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico – Guatemala City shares almost the same troubles as its neighbors. Even though the city has tons of history and culture, it should definitely stay on everyone’s don’t-visit list; even the bravest tourists seem to be frightened away. Poverty, gang problems, drug trafficking have civilians in despair and there seems to be no answer so far as to how to handle it. This city is big, dirty and dangerous, and still ‘Guate’ has its charming chaos, color and contradictions. Just go prepared and alert and maybe you’ll get rid of all negative stereotypes.

Cali, Colombia
Depending on a good or bad year, Cali ranks either as the most dangerous, or as the 2nd most dangerous city in the country. That much violence is a result of the drug trafficking cartels that are fighting with each other. The world’s capital of salsa is Colombia’s scariest city. You are most likely to get shot on the dance floor here. Better stay vigilant, avoid showing off your expensive jewelry or gadgets and don’t wander alone at night. Better safe than sorry. Happy traveling!


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