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10 Reasons Why Curvy Women Are Best In …

10 Reasons Why Curvy Women Are Best In …

Now women with natural curves can rest easy in the knowledge that they are better in bed than their size-zero counterparts. And that’s a fact. Curvy women have been making a comeback on the catwalk and new research reveals that having more fleshon your bones doesn’t just look great, it actually makes you better in bed.


1. It’s a scientific fact
Scientific research proves that men are genetically wired to be sexually attracted to a woman with curves. Men rate the sexiest women as those who have a waist which is 60% of their hip size. Guys love the hourglass figure – not least of all in the bedroom.

2. Confidence
Having great mammaries and a corresponding booty, a bit of cellulite or something to grab hold of is not exclusively what makes a curvy woman sexy – it’s knowing how to rock it that matters. Beauty has nothing to do with size and everything to do with confidence. And confidence has everything to do with amazing sex.

3. A healthy appetite
Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows how to indulge – she wants the cake she eats it, she wants the wine she drinks it, she wants the orgasm, prepare yourself, no one’s leaving this room until …

4. Life’s too short to go gluten-free
Or you could date the girl who refuses to swallow (extra calories), won’t eat dessert and spends the post-s ex cuddle trying to convert you to a diet.

5. Boobs
Well, not all curvy girls are blessed with big boobs, but the chances do sway slightly more in their favour.

6. bums
According to a study by Oxford University, big butts result in healthy children because of the high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids they store – so if you thought it was the PVC dress stretched over Kim Kardashian’s booty getting you hot, think again. It’s your subconscious evolutionary way of ensuring healthy kids.

7. Let’s focus on the important things…
They don’t care about fitting into a pair of skinny jeans and instead spend their time on fun things like the reverse cow girl and multiple orgasms.

8. Fewer bruises
Their soft womanly curves are the perfect place to rest your weary, post-shagging head.

9. Curvy girls were the original supermodels.
Take a walk through an art gallery and you’ll see that curvy girls have long been associated with beauty and sex appeal. Thousands of years of history can’t be wrong.

10. You’re seriously waiting for the tent point? Keep waiting o. OK let me just say this; thick girls are life…
I’m outta here before the skinny girls lay ambush on

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  1. Disgusting. Just disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this. Saying that obese is better is just wrong and the opposite of forward-thinking.

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