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5 Reasons Why You Should Give Boo A Little Space

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Boo A Little Space

Investing time into a relationship is always advised, striking a healthy balance between deficiency and overdose is also very advised.
For many relationships to grow and thrive to a level of perfection or somewhere close, couples need to understand the idea of giving each other space.

Spending a lot of time with bae or boo is good, spending too much time might just not be.

Here are five reasons why:

Overdependence isn’t cool

You run the risk of becoming too reliant on your partner as well as becoming too clingy.

Dependency is not exactly a bad thing, but you still need to be dependent on yourself at this dating stage.

What if you get into an ugly fight? Imagine what happens if you break up?

No need to lose friendships because of love

In any case, you partner is meant to be your best friend, not your only friend.

Remain friends with your friends. Go out to events you used to go with them before you started dating your partner.

You knew them before you fell in love, and in the case that things do not go as planned in that relationship, they are the ones that are going to be there for you.

You need to continue being an individual

Of course, the goal of every relationship is to nurture the affair to a stage of greater intimacy on a daily basis.

As much as this goal should be pursued though, you also need to continue being yourself.

Interests, goals, passions need to continue getting nurtured. You might need to be by yourself sometimes to get these things done.

You won’t be missing your partner

Missing your partner has a way of endearing them to you more… makes you long for their presence, for their touch and this is a good thing because it helps keep the romance and attraction alive.

If you are with them every time and everyday though, how do you get to miss them?

Have A Me time

Everyone needs to be alone sometimes, and falling in love and getting in to a relationship does not magically take away that desire.

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