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5 Signs Of Labor By Nigerian Mothers

5 Signs Of Labor By Nigerian Mothers


Labor is an experience a lot of pregnant women look forward to as it marks the end of pregnancy. Finally one can off load…At the same time, a lot of women dread it based on the information handed down about labor being painful. Is it painful? Yes it is. Do you want to deliver your baby or not? Yes you do so forget about the pains and focus on seeing your baby’s face. A lot of women have shared their experience about labor. Enjoy it below:

1. Contractions: Contractions feel like cramps in the lower abdominal region. If you ever had painful menstruation then you will know what it is all about. Contractions can be false sign of labor and real signs of labor. One thing to note is false or real it is all preparing you for labor. So, pay attention. There are 2 types of contractions felt by many women: Titi claims she has been feeling contractions like mild menstrual pain going on and off for the past 1.5months. These are Braxton hicks contractions. In some cases it can be painful. Well we are all different. You feel stronger, more frequent contractions when labor is eminent. It does not disappear but gets stronger as labor progresses.

This is a good sign of labor. If you are like Joy who says “I do not care whether it is this Braxton hicks, I will just go to the hospital as long as I am in my 9th month of pregnancy”.

2. Dilation of Cervix: Once I asked my doctor why does cervix dilate? She replied “if it does not dilate, how will your baby come out of your vagina”. This is so true. Dilation of cervix is the process of opening ahead of childbirth. It is so funny when you get examined…as in they (your doctor) put their hand in there…Chei see what pregnancy does to us. Then the doctor says 2cm…3cm. Some people stay on 2cm for 1month. Yes, a friend called Tayo stayed 3weeks on 2cm before proceeding to labor at 3cm.

Your doctor usually knows what is best, you will be advised based on further examination whether labor has started or not. Dilation is not the only process taking place; Your cervix is also thinning out. This is called effacement. Again your doctor/gynecologist are skilled to determine this.

3. I must do everything Syndrome: If you have been pregnant, then you will know what this is all about. In the 9th month of pregnancy & as labor gets closer most mothers reportedly feel a sudden burst of energy. This is not from energy drinks but from nature. You just feel like doing everything particularly housekeeping. Most mothers say they didn’t believe this until it was experienced.

It is called NESTLING instinct. Never knew there was even a word for it. Chioma says she cleaned her 5 bedroom duplex with her 2 hands a week before labor started. “It was like something came over me”. Please do not copy Chioma as that is way too much stress to subject yourself through in pregnancy? You can do some cleaning and housekeeping with caution.

4. Bloody Show: I like the way our nurses call it SHOW…lol. Like it’s a funky thing. Yes, it is some funky looking like thick mucus from the nose which sometimes as tiny ting of blood in it. So keep looking out for the show on your panties. And for those who do not wear panties in late pregnancy, check your thighs (this might be a good reason to wear some underwear).

5. Breaking of Water: Baby is said to be in the womb and surrounded by amniotic fluid. When your Water breaks, the amniotic fluid comes out of your body through the vagina. Often times, labor is imminent. Some people say their water broke and labor didn’t start. Please see your doctor for advice on this one. Most mothers have their water broken and almost immediately get a lot of contractions. Water could break in a gush or in trickles.

Please attend ante-natal regularly so the doctor can check if the amniotic fluid level is fine or not. Someone asked, how will I know my water will break? My dear, it can break anywhere. At that Owambe, at the church, at school, at work, anywhere.

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