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A Classic Case Of Dumbness: Amanda Ebeye vs Her ‘Faceless’ Baby-Dadda

A Classic Case Of Dumbness: Amanda Ebeye vs Her ‘Faceless’ Baby-Dadda


Ever lively and prolific Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye surprised many when she took the babymama route to motherhood last year. Who would have thought that an actress of her status would have difficulty attracting the right kind of man or that she wouldn’t know the difference between a bad or good one. And so, our beloved actress got pregnant to a man in ‘ghost mode’, hid the pregnancy from concerned and prying eyes, traveled to Canada for delivery, returned and still didn’t let us in on who’s going to be there for the boy as a father. And now, 3 months later she seems to have woken up from the slumber to tell us the man is shameless and a pathological liar! Hmmm.

A recap of what she told national daily, Punch: “I did not marry the father of my child because he is not my husband and he is not meant to be. I could have been in the most useless relationship right now if I wanted but I told myself instead of giving my son this shameless pretender and liar of a man as a father, I would take care of him and he will be fine. I tell you that since I took that stance, I’ve not looked back for one day and God keeps giving me the strength to move on. If it is God’s, one day a good man will come and you’ll be invited to my wedding but for now, I’m single and all that matters to me is my son”

Amazing Amanda! So the actress who has played many roles has been played, and rather than admit her own gullibility, she prefers to cast aspersions on the father of her son, who though still remains faceless will show up one day. And the child too will grow up with the prejudice that his father, according to ‘dear mama’ was a useless liar. By the way, is there anything like a useful liar? Recall that same Amanda called us out on her Instagram page 21 weeks ago, blasting us for only doing our job of letting fans know about their favourite celebs. She probably doesn’t understand the usefulness of celebrity hype and media attention. Maybe Tonto Dikeh could help her there. That’s by the way.

Over to you dear Celeb Police faithful, do you think Amanda Ebeye should have just kept mute on her failed attempt to create a family unit? Do you think she tried to use a baby to get a man and is now only bitter because it didn’t work out? Her calling the ‘faceless’ father of her innocent son ‘a shameless liar’, is it a dumb or smart decision? So many questions can come up on this one. Celeb Police needs to feel your pulse before taking this case to another level.


In the meantime, the jury is still out on the whereabouts of the man who put her in the family way and left her this much bitter. Doesn’t make sense to decide a case by hearing only one side of the story, right? Good. While we put out an APB on him, Amanda could at least tell us the details of their relationship. Is this innocent son of hers the product of a love affair or a sperm donor kind of relationship? Either she tells us or we will get it out of her ‘shameless’ baby dadda. Some of these new DNA softwares may help in linking a baby’s photo to a list of possible fathers, you know.


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