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These 3 traits will increase your chances of finding love

Instead of asking “God when?” all the time, maybe focus more on living your best life like there’s no tomorrow. When people are single and searching, it is not uncommon for them to ask questions such as, ‘what do I ... Read More »

She’s Married, But She’s Living Life Like She’s Single

When it comes to relationships, the days of a man being the sole provider for his household and a woman staying home to take care of the house and kids have changed. Women have now stepped up to the forefront ... Read More »

Relationship: Nkem Says: Who Uses Sex as a Bargaining Tool?

One of my decisions for the New Year is to become more social, slide into DMs, accept more invitations and hang out more with people who are in a different place in life than I am. In a bid to ... Read More »


My dearest love (whomever you are), This past few weeks has been littered with emotions and pain. First came rejection from one of my closest friends and second came fear from an entire state away. It’s now Easter weekend and ... Read More »

How I Watched My 45 Year Old Wife Sleep with Another Man

IF YOU ARE NOT 21, PLEASE CLICK TO EXIT THIS ARTICLE NOW How could she do this to me? My wife was making love with another man and I had to watch it! Ours had been a story book tale ... Read More »

5 Reasons that marriages just don’t work anymore

Marriages today just don’t work. The million dollar question? Why not? It’s a pretty simple concept — fall in love and share your life together. Our great grandparents did it, our grandparents followed suit, and for many of us, our ... Read More »

How to love without losing yourself

I discovered this week that I’ve been holding something back from a lot of my clients and readers. I’ve been holding back expressing all the ways that my relationship with Hemal (my husband) is the kind of love you see ... Read More »


Ladies, welcome to the response post to; The 10 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man. I told you to watchout for it, now here you have it served on the menu. So settle down and lets have some real ... Read More »

We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime – Each One for a Specific Reason

It is a common belief that each person only falls in love three times during their lifetime. However, each one of these happens under a very different light from the one before and each serves a very different purpose. THE ... Read More »

Hot Gist: We Met in the Club Last Night and This Happened When I Got to His House

Relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a girl who slept with a man she met at the club last night. After seeing his wealth, she claims to be in love with him. Read her story below: pinterest Read More »

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