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If Tekno is The Crowned Prince of Arrogance, Who is King?

If Tekno is The Crowned Prince of Arrogance, Who is King?


Arrogance is a killer in the music industry, and Tekno has got it. The Headies is just the start of it.

While some members of the industry can berate Kiss Daniel for his lack of compromise over his booking fees and performance remunerations, few can really tag the man as ‘Arrogant’.

You want arrogance? Look away from G-Worldwide and take a slow ride towards the scanty house that Made Men Music Group has become, and you will find Tekno, who sits on a well-deserved but shaky throne in the music industry.

No one can deny that on some level, Tekno is a mini-king, one who is just making his case for relevance. And although he has won a couple of battles, he is yet to win the war against mediocrity and develop enough staying power to retain the throne.

But that throne, that spotlight, that privileged position, that he has worked himself to currently occupy, is fleeting, and can hardly be maintained. But he is making his job harder by possessing one of the most potent killers of artistes in Nigeria.

That killer is ‘Arrogance’.

Tekno has arrogance. He is arrogant. Finds pleasure in it, and sleeps at night guarded by that arrogance. It shows in little spaces, far away from the glaring eyes of the cameras and the media. He bestows some of it to fans, although in measures that are not big enough to be documented, nor sensational enough to make the headlines. But you know how it goes. Once a man gets a taste of something, he is emboldened to try it out on the big stage.

Tekno’s arrogance has come out on the big stage. The star rubbished one of the most prized awards from the industry that he operates. The Headies ‘Next Rated’ award which had him nominated has cancelled his eligibility to compete. Tekno has shown immense arrogance, disrespect and ingratitude towards Nigeria’s most prestigious awards, The Headies, and worse still, the organizers and owners of the platform – HipTV.

The star refused to honor the nomination, and stayed away from the promo campaigns. According to top sources, Tekno lost out on his spot due to his refusal to honour the category and support the campaign. Nominees are expected to attend promo activities for the event, and also take part in promotion for the category sponsor, Hyundai. Tekno failed to submit himself for engagements, promo campaign photos and more.

Tekno had earlier rubbished the Headies Awards when he was announced in the category. He took to Instagram to say “‘Next rated after how many years! Let’s be honest pls”.

His refusal to rate the award show and acknowledge the category is responsible for his lackadaisical attitude towards the show.

Tekno’s arrogance has made him miss a category that would have thrown him in history. A list of winners of the awards in past years include Asa, Wizkid, Wande Coal, Omawumi, Davido and more. But Tekno has no value for history. His arrogance has made him see the now as his only learning and experiential tool. Right now he is big, and that’s all that matters to him.

Tomorrow can go f**k itself.

Well, the cycle of life applies to the music industry. You start, rise up, and fall down. But arrogance is a key component in speeding your demise as an artiste. You step on the wrong toes, insult key players and show a profound disregard for everyone else.

That way, you stay isolated, and one day, when the hits stop coming, or a younger artiste threatens your position with novelty, you will have no one backing your claim to sustain your relevance. Then you crash. And then you burn. And then you eat the humble pie, and begin to wander the industry, looking for friends.

Arrogance is a killer in the music industry, and Tekno has got it. The Headies is just the start of it.

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