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Migrate to Canada: Why Pay Agents When You Can Do It Yourself?

This is a thread by TundeTash on Twitter:

Like I always say, not everyone should, have to, or need to go to Canada. But if you want and have to, then act fast, take the necessary steps and do it the legal way.

P.S: The more you wait, the more points you lose if you are going the express entry pathway.

So if you are planning to, it’s a good move and just like every worthwhile endeavor, there are some processes and requirements (IELTS inclusive) that you need to plan for.

So, there are different pathways to Migrate to Canada which is not limited to Express Entry, Federal Skill Workers, Study permit, and PNP but I will discuss only one in this thread and you would need @ieltsng for this pathway.

Canada Express Entry:

STEP 1: Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

First things first, you need to evaluate your degree(s) i.e. converting Nigeria university degree to the Canadian Equivalent. 

You can start the process by following this link: -Click on new applicants/get started

-Click on Apply Now

-Choose Canada for where you need your evaluation to be addressed

-Click on ECA application for IRCC, create an account, & follow the prompt. 

-You will be issued a reference number that will be used to track your request.

Step 2: Write IELTS

You should write the IELTS ‘General Training Exam’. You do not have to wait till you are done with WES before proceeding to this stage, it can be done concurrently. But I usually advise you have at least started with WES before proceeding with IELTS.

Generally, the desired score for Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker is 7778 & the Modules are as follows:



Writing-7, &


You can book your IELTS here:

For more information on taking your IELTS test, follow @ieltsng

Step 3:

Once step 1 and 2 are completed, then you are ready to create a profile on IRCC website and 

enter the EE pool of candidates. 

Usually, a draw is done twice a month to pick the highest-ranking candidates.

Currently, the score you would need on an average is between 470 – 478. If your score falls between this category, you have a good shot at landing an ITA within a month or two.

You can check your score here:

Fill in a tentative IELTS score as 7778 as shown in step 2 for score projections.

P.S: Masters/MBA/Ph.D. would boost your score. So, in the case of a couple, the person with a higher degree would be the primary applicant.

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