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Music: French Montana – Everytime Ft. Jeezy

Music: French Montana – Everytime Ft. Jeezy


French Montana and Jeezy drop their second straight rainmaker’s anthem: “Everytime.” French Montana’s MC4 was delayed shortly before its original release date in August, though it had leaked online right before that.

Last month, French seemingly cancelled the album altogether, but earlier today, French Montana announced the return of MC4 in mixtape form. And he dropped the tape – which seems to share the exact same makeup of the original album, after rolling out two MC4 videos (“Have Mercy” and “Xplicit”) hours ahead of the release.

French had shared many of MC4’s biggest tracks before the release of the album, which had been delayed many times before the latest setback; it was first announced in late 2013. The one big collab French hadn’t yet dropped as a single is “Everytime,” featuring Jeezy.

“Everytime” also didn’t receive its due exposure when MC4 first leaked. The track, produced by Earl and E (also behind “Said N Done”) is the second recent club-ready anthem from French and Jeezy, along with the Trap or Die 3 standout “Going Crazy.”


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