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#NoteToBloggers: How Bloggers Murder Artistes And The Music Business

#NoteToBloggers: How Bloggers Murder Artistes And The Music Business


Why blog someone’s full album just few minutes after release? That is like ‘Murdering these artists in cold blood’.


As a blogger, in as much as you want that traffic badly, you should at least be easy on it and allow these artists have some breathing space.

All the sweating, creativity, money spent, sleepless night in studio etc gone just because your dumb action has rubbished all the artist’s investment on the newly released album. Why dont you allow the songs to sell to generate money for the owner of the album online at least. Because we all know CD selling is outdated.

Foreign artist makes their money per download and royalties among others. But African artists, especially Nigerian artistes don’t get paid royalties. Some just have the fame, but no money in their pockets, just because the major and sometimes the only source of recouping their investment have been punctured.

How will you feel as a blogger that just opened a site to make money and the next minute your password Is out and people are using it free. You will feel bad right? That’s what you do to people and their albums. Blogging all songs once won’t make you even win the blogger of the year award or make you and A-list blogger. Its your content that will stand you out and if you think am lying, ask your Mentor Linda Ikeji. What is bad is bad. Please let the Music PAY. Let’s apply some common sense here, and use that hard earned data to promote and not kill these artists before their careers even starts. Use your data also for something else tangible too..


Olokpa Aisha.

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