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Recession: Man Steals Pot Of Soup, Wraps Of Fufu To Feed His Children

Recession: Man Steals Pot Of Soup, Wraps Of Fufu To Feed His Children


A group of local vigilante group in Igbogene Community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State on Thursday arrested a man for stealing pot of soup, wraps of fufu and some other food items to feed his children.

The 35 year old father of two identified as Kaduna Enatimi was apprehended at about 2:00 a.m. on Thursday.

According to the head of the Igbogene Vigilante group, Chief Asomo, the accused was apprehended while consuming some wraps of the stolen soup and ‘fufu’ in a local food shop in the area.

According to Chief Asomo, the accused claims that hunger and economic hardship led him to steal the pot of soup and the food stuffs to be able to feed his family.

According to Asomo, “We were on patrol at about 2:00 a.m. on Thursday and when we got to the Timida School area, we saw a man at a local food joint eating. The food kiosk is owned by a woman known as Mrs. Blessing.

“We questioned the culprit and he confessed to have stolen a pot of soup, some wraps of fufu and half basin of Garri. He claimed it was the economic hardship that led him to it.”

It was however gathered that the traditional ruler in the area, the Obenibe X1 of Epie Kingdom, HRH Hope Green Adike, intervened and initially asked them to parade him round the community with the stolen item to teach others a lesson.

On a second thought, the paramount ruler considered his defense about hunger and hardship in the country and released him.

The apprehended Enatimi was also made to eat from the stolen item in the presence of the people of the community and made to go away with the items.

The shop owner also gave the permission the permission to let him be relased because she claimed she does not have money for Police case.

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