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Touch not my Allison?

Alison Diezani is Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum
Touch not my Allison? – Ogunmuyiwa Adesola

Immediately I read about the court order stopping the minister of petroleum from appearing before the House of Representatives over the use of N 10 billion tax payers money to service a leased jet, I went into reverie straight and all I saw was an Allison laughing triumphantly in her room with her eyes gazed at an invisible and none existing camera, then abruptly stopped laughing to deliver her lines.

“Eyin bawo, ee ti poto. Elo po si wa.” If I tried to interpret that, guess it would mean “You all are not enough to nail me”

The minister of petroleum, Alison-Madueke had gone to court knowing how fragile and timid the judicial system in Nigeria is, to seek “an order of interim injunction restraining the respondents whether by themselves, their members, committee, or agents from summoning or directing.” The order, if granted, was supposed to stop any further probe into her money-making affair. She ran to the Judiciary for help so we won’t find out how much she has been able to generate. To the surprise of many Nigerians, it was reported that she got her wish granted but we don’t know in exchange of what.

Shortly after my first effort at using my mind to paint scenarios, I again imagined someone tried to discuss this issue and started giving a speech “Listen Nigerians, this is our beloved daughter with whom we embezzled together. The reason and plan to drag her in the mud of her corrupt and wasteful escapades is not in the Government’s agenda, so touch her not!”

Alright now, we get the drift; she is one of the untouchables even if you have to embarrass another constituted authority like the judiciary to achieve it. However, with agenda, let it be known we are not ignorant of the ‘NO-AGENDA’ status of this administration. It is not like the Government has any agenda from the beginning of her existence, at least none I remember reading about except for building on the past agendas. So dear presidency, we are fully aware of the fear of this administration. Obviously, an impromptu agenda to probe Mrs. Alison cannot happen.

And the speech ends, “Nigerians listen again, the Government has no agenda to embark on any agenda, not to talk of one from the supposed enemy of Government which is you the citizen”.

This is why I was surprisingly annoyed at my anger over the served injunction. Why should I be angry at the order? I can’t remember this administration doing the right thing ever.

It is no news the minister of petroleum is a serial corrupt personality going by the news making the rounds, she doesn’t care though. Also, we know about the inefficiency of the executive arm of Government and inability of the Presidency to bring Mrs. Alison to book over this allegation and several others like the 2012 fuel subsidy where she was found wanting over the N 2 trillion subsidies on petroleum in a single year instead of the actual and allegation of missing N 20 billion oil funds. What we don’t know, which is now news is why the Judiciary had come out to deny granting any injunction to Mrs. Alison.

Contrary to what was published as position of the judge, which in no small measure has equally generated public debates and annoyance, Justice Ahmed Mohammed had on the 29th of April 2014, denied granting the specific order sought by Madam Alison. The infuriated judge, according to reports wanted to know where journalist got their reports from and journalist who naturally can’t keep secrete revealed the revelation. They said it came from our brother, House spokesperson, Zakary Mohammed.

These are the questions one begins to ask, who gave the court order. If no one did, who said someone gave the court order? If we still couldn’t find someone to own up. Why then did the House of Representative address the journalist an injunction was served and even claim to be in possession of the order barring the probe? As reported, the House spokesperson, Zakary Mohammed said “the house had received the court order.” we might begin to ask which house? He continues “As a law-abiding arm of government, we will tarry a while and of course take a legal opinion.” I sensed someone is scared to do his constitutional obligation as a legislature. As ordered by the judge, I guess we all have to wait till 5th of May when the Representatives will appear before the judge to explain one or two things. Until then, we need this woman to answer Nigerians.

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