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Why I married at the age of 22 – Actor , Yul Edochie @YulEdochie

Why I married at the age of 22 – Actor , Yul Edochie @YulEdochie

Yul Edochie is Nollywood legend , Pete Edochie’s son . And in a recent interview with Sun News , he talked about his marriage that have lasted for 10 years . He is now 32 years meaning he got married at  a young age of 22  . He is a  graduate of Theatre Arts and is one of the most sought after Nollywood actors, He also talked about the role is father played regarding his stardom in Nollywood and the craziest thing a fan has done to him . Read excerpts below …

Getting married at age 22 is quite young. Were you forced? Whose idea was it? And how did you meet your wife?

The idea came from my mother. Immediately I got into school, I met my fu­ture wife and we became friends and my mother liked her a lot. So when I finished school, my mother asked me, ‘as­suming you were to get married now, would you get married to her?’ And I said ‘yes.’ Mum asked again and I repeated the same thing so she said that if I’m really ready, we could do it now. She told me to ask her if she wanted to marry me. I did and she said yes so we got married.
What really attracted you to her?

She is beautiful and under­standing. She’s not the rough, partying or crazy type. She understood me a lot and she’s always been supportive.

What advice did dad give you regarding Nollywood?

My father always told me, ‘don’t take what belongs to another person. If a role is meant to be yours, it will definitely come to you; it may take some years but it will surely come to you.’ He said ‘don’t go backbiting by going behind to take some­body else’s role. Even if you’re called for a particular script and at the end of the day, it’s not given to you, don’t go struggling for it. Instead, pray about it and walk away.

Can you share some of the crazy things fans have done to you?

A fan once kissed me in front of my house, in front of my wife. I was about get­ting into my car when she rushed towards me and kissed me. My wife was surprised though she’s is used to it now. These days when I see such coming, I try to run away; I don’t want them coming too close.

QnA Session:
Do you think its wise for men to marry at a young age ?

Won’t that make them to cheat when they grow older ?

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