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#GMB15: Let The Solidarity Begin

#GMB15: Let The Solidarity Begin

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Dear Patriots, Monday ,22nd of December has been declared Solidarity campaign day for General Muhammadu Buhari / Pastor(Prof) Osibajo.

We humbly ask you to put up their pictures on your BB, Twitter handles, Facebook, Whatsapp, and all other social media !
We intend to have 50 million of their pictures up.

It is possible!!!!

Today we have decided to change the fortune of our dear country and purposely create hope for our generations unborn. A number of us may not know about the days we use to export cocoa, the days of groundnut pyramid, the rubber in Old Bendel state, the days farmers/traders leave their goods in public and buyers take what they need and leave the money in the trays , the days $2 exchanged for N1 , the days young graduates were given Beetle, Citroen or Datsun 120Y cars which comes with an automatic job !

This ”animals in human skin” according to Fela Anikulapo have basterdized our socio-economic lives. This campaign therefore is to re-awaken us that our dear Nigeria has a lot more resources than the collection of the G7 countries of this world (SAD.. isn’t it? ) BUT our leaders both past and present have squandered and are still squandering our collective wealth with IMPUNITY!.

When Buhari wept for Nigeria in 2011, most of us didn’t understand what he saw and the things he’d wished to stop/curb. Now divinity has created another opportunity to make a change and we concerned patriots have decided to throw our weight and queue behind a man that had been President and has only one house, former PTF chairman without a petrol station, a disciplined Officer that brought sanity to our everyday lives (WAI), a Muslim that freely dines with Christians, A man whom people Call a religious bigot and allow his daughter to marry an Anglican man, converted to a christian and yet, spend Christmas with them.
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A man who is the only person to have returned money left when he was sent to London for training, a reserved gentleman that loves Nigeria.

We are casting our votes for General Muhammed Buhari and his running mate Prof (Pastor) Osinbajo. Please make Monday 22nd December a date.

Thank you And God bless Nigeria.
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