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Linda Ikeji rejects $2m partnership investment

Linda Ikeji rejects $2m partnership investment

According to a reliable source inside the Linda Ikeji Media brand, Linda, 36, turned down the deal after owning up to her team that she is oblivious of the value of $2million in her new business since it is a new brand.


The investors were said to have proposed to own a percentage of the new social networking site for the value of $2million after seeing how fast the site is catching on.

The investors suggested that she use the money in massive advertisement for the new brand and for technical support but Linda turned it down.

Another source close to Linda Ikeji revealed that this is not the first time she will turn down a major investment into her online business, as few years ago, she also rejected a major seven digit investment into her blog which has eventually paid off as she currently enjoys the enviable position as Africa’s richest blogger.

Within only three weeks of launch, the Linda Ikeji Social networking site has received over 150,000 sign ups and has continued to grow steadily.

According to Global Tech Monitoring Site, Alexa, Linda Ikeji Social is currently listed as one of the most visited sites in Nigeria; it has become a favorite among young people because it is currently the only social media network platform in Nigeria that rewards its users with mouth-watering weekly prizes including cash gifts. 

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