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#LyricsAndRhythm: THE LADIES IN ME LIFE… -@iamheadrush_

#LyricsAndRhythm: THE LADIES IN ME LIFE… -@iamheadrush_

To all the ladies I have loved, crushed on, admired and still loving, I am writing you this poem..

Me words flowing like stream converging,
just to give you thoughts vase like the ocean.
Sit back, savour this moment
as I take you through the motion.
Motion through the memories we have gathered like cowries.
This love n war we shared like dowries.
Dowries for the relationships that was
and still is between you and I.

You being you and I being I.
I thank you with deep appreciation
for being part of what made me.
The love n war that made me.

Me heart smiling to the sight of you
Me eyes shining to the bright of you
Me lips curving to the thought of you.
You, I crushed on
even if you never took reconnaissance of who I am or was.
Was and still is the feeling you gave me
to the mere thought of you, never perished.

All you never knew we shared I cherished..
Cherished every enriching pleasure that comes with your beauty.
Watching over you like a guardian angel, call it me duty.
Duty that is the admiration I bestowed on your intellect.
Admiring your ideologies,
your principles and the way you carry yourself
with ’em walking steps from a distance, as it reflects.
Reflects the epitome of true Africans beauty that was neglect.
And if we talk about the pains that ensued from our union,
we will gather the gains that kept us in strong connect.

Connect like emotions in every line
as you visualise the picture behind every word and its effect.
The memories held in these pictures,
telling the tales we have collect..
If this love for you in me heart will never die
So will this love we share ride on the hands of time, no standby.
Standby for the future, its a story we going to tell
Together we sutured as we dance to the jingles of time’s bell..

Written and voiced by ….hdrh (@iamheadrush_) for iDreamz Media



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